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On the platform, is communication possible between patients and their health professionals?

Not for the moment. We know that it would be very relevant and desirable to be able to support this type of communication, but for now the product does not have this feature. That said, it may be added in the future!

Is it possible to leave a record of the communications in Braver directly in the electronic patient record that I use?

Braver works with various electronic record partners to integrate with them and provide you with the most pleasant communication experience possible. Write to us to find out more! In the meantime, it is possible to export the content of collaborations as a PDF and attach it directly to your electronic patient record.

Can I find healthcare professionals outside of my workplace?

Braver allows you to create your own network of collaborators, but you can also find any professional who is on the Braver network and who wishes to be visible.

Can I export communications about a patient? Can I transfer communications into the patient record?

Yes, Braver protects the data exchanged, but does not want to hold it hostage! You can easily export the data in PDF format and attach it to your patient file to maintain a record of it.

Can we send photos, videos, documents, etc.?

For now, it is only possible to send photos, but we are working on being able to support videos and files!

Which healthcare professionals have access to the Braver app?

All health professionals who are part of a professional order and those in the process of gaining access to one (i.e. the procedures have been initiated with the Office des professions).

Which networks can be used for communication?

Braver is compatible with wifi and cellular Internet networks (3G, LTE, 5G), but not with phone networks or Bluetooth.

Can I make myself unavailable so that I don't receive notifications outside my working hours?

Yes, Braver wants to protect your work/life balance. You can enter your working hours so that you only receive notifications when you are working.

Account and privacy

Why do I need to be invited? How can I be invited?

Braver is a network of verified health professionals. As such, to be eligible for the network, you must be invited by an already validated professional on the network who can validate you in turn. If you don't know anyone in the network who can invite you, Braver can perform a manual approval and verification process.

How do I create an account?

If you are a healthcare professional, you can download the application directly from the App store or the Play store and create your profile. You will then have to be approved by the Braver team, by providing your practice number and proof of identity.

After being approved, you will be able to use the free basic version of Braver to collaborate safely! This principle of network inclusiveness is paramount in enabling healthcare professionals to take a step towards change and fulfilling the Braver mission.

How is Braver more secure than email or SMS?

Braver is an end-to-end encrypted messaging system, which means that every message you send can only be decrypted by you and your contacts. Emails cannot achieve the same level of security. Even if you protect your email management system to the maximum, you cannot guarantee that your contacts have done the same. Emails can also be forwarded to unauthorized parties without leaving a trace.

Braver's cybersecurity was subjected to a tight auditing process by Quebec's Ministry of Health, which allowed us to obtain the TGV certification. To learn more about this certification, you can read about it here (in french).

What should I do if I lose my password?

When you create your account, a recovery code is created and automatically sent to you by email. The subject of this email is: Important! Recovery code for your Braver account. Try searching through your inbox (and junk mail, especially!) to get your hands on it.

This recovery code must be kept in a safe place and allows you to reset your password in case you lose or forget it.

Important: If you lose your password, you will need to use this recovery code to choose a new password. After that, a new recovery code will automatically be sent to you, and this code will replace the previous one. In other words, always make sure you're using your latest recovery code when you need to!

Lastly, if you do 10 unsuccessful login attempts in a row, your account will be blocked. Contact us in as soon as that happens so we can accompany you in solving the issue. Our team will be there to help you.