Braver for healthcare organizations

An interoperable communication platform to ensure data follows the same trajectory as that of the patient, while supporting practice quality for clinicians.

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Optimize information sharing

We know that behind the apparent simplicity of clinical health communications lies great complexity. Whether it is in terms of legal aspects, the multiplicity of existing software, cybersecurity or the different contexts of use, the reality is that it is not that easy to replace the fax!

With its cutting-edge technology, Braver takes care of much of this complexity for you. The result: a tool that is pleasant to use and easy to integrate into your operations.

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Give your employees a clinical communication tool to meet their challenges: on the hospital floors, at home or in the clinic, Braver will be able to adapt.


Rest assured that the healthcare professionals in your organization will communicate in accordance with the highest security standard. Braver has been verified by the bureau de certification et d'homologation of the MSSS.


Optimize coordination between teams with better information flow. Braver creates integration bridges with virtually any system, whether third-party, cloud or on-site.


Fluid integration and synchronization with other systems

Collaboration means achieving a result that would have been difficult to achieve otherwise. That's why Braver decided to complement the other software you use. Collaborating and creating technological bridges with these other software means going even further.

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Record keeping software (EMR and EHR)

Identity management systems (e.g. ActiveDirectory™️, SSO)

Scheduling software

Archiving systems and processes

Security at the core of our approach

Clinician Woman

Communications within or outside your organization

Braver is a unified network that allows you to ensure information continuity across the whole healthcare ecosystem.

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Collaborate with any professional health, whether or not in your organization

Invite any health professional to join Braver with the free package

Prepare personalized trajectories that can include the entire health ecosystem

Why use Braver?

Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Security against data breaches

Rest assured: as verified by the MSSS patients' personal health information is protected with the highest possible standards.

Screenshot of the list of collaborations
Archiving conversations

Rest assured of the compliance of information exchanges.

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Communication management as a team

Direct communications to the right professional at the right time.

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Shared mode use

Working as a team on the same device has never been easier.

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Specialized Care Channels

Form an interdisciplinary team around the patient to promote seamless collaboration.

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