Our mission

Making the healthcare ecosystem more collaborative


To get there, we need to

Have the courage to do things differently

Since the beginning of Braver, our whole team has been driven by the vision of a connected community of health professionals working together for a healthier society. To make this vision a reality, we needed a communication tool, cutting-edge integration technology, and a network of verified healthcare professionals. Were we being ambitious? Idealist? Or just courageous?

We had to be courageous enough to address the health ecosystem's real needs. Braver upholds this integrity with conviction because it is through this integrity in particular that we form strong bonds of trust with our stakeholders. Embracing change is uncomfortable. But approaching it with courage is exciting. And embarking on change with our community is transformative.

Actions driven by our values

Woman at the Braver talk 3
Actively collaborating with stakeholders in the health ecosystem
Choosing the path of innovation even if it does not look the most direct
Sharing our thoughts and approach with authenticity
Daring to question ourselves to make better progress
Listening to others to open up our minds

Health professionals

Exchange patient information, share documents confidentially, and be part of a network of professionals motivated to make a difference.

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Clinics and organizations

Optimize and manage clinical communications as a team, implement intra and extramural care trajectories, and provide your employees with a user-friendly tool.

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Braver step by step

Since 2018, driven by our vision, we have worked on developing a communication tool to meet the needs of the healthcare ecosystem. We work step by step using an open approach based on collaboration, discussion and consultations with a multitude of health professionals in the field. We also depend on the trust placed in us by numerous employees, mentors, consultants and investors who believe in our mission.

July 2018

Braver - the adventure begins

It was in July 2018 that Mathieu and Marie-Lou, the two founders, left their jobs and decided to invest their hearts and souls in an entrepreneurial project with the goal of improving the healthcare system. At this point, the project already had a name: Braver.

February 2019

Legal origins of Braver and first lines of code

Braver had already existed for 7 months in the hearts of its founders, but it was on February 7, 2019 that the company was born in the eyes of the Quebec Enterprise Register. Alongside his father and a dedicated intern, Mathieu wrote the first lines of code for Braver.

June 2019

The start of the Braver Talk: co-creation event

Braver was extremely excited to bring together, for one evening, fifteen health professionals motivated to share their reality and contribute to innovation in healthcare. On the menu: networking and workshops to better understand the needs of the field.

November 2019

The Braver Talk continues!

This second collaborative development event was original with its theme “Alone, we help individuals. Together, we can help our healthcare system” and the inspiring guest speaker Pierre Lavoie.

June 2020

The Braver application is finally ready!

After more than 16 months of intensive development, the team delivered the first viable version of the platform and invited its first beta testers to download the Braver application!

October 2020

First investment round

Braver was very excited to finalize its first round of investment thanks to its invaluable angel investors from the healthcare market!

August 2021

A 2nd investment round that ended after 1 month!

An investment round takes a lot of work, but Braver was fortunate this time to complete the 2nd round in record time!

November 2021

Braver obtains MSSS cybersecurity certification

After 15 months of hard work and significant effort, Braver is now one of the only clinical messengers certified by the MSSS.

July 2022

And 3!

A 3rd round of investment came to a close and the team continued to grow. It was with great pride, a strong corporate culture, and talent per square inch that Braver continued to advance. The team was now 11 people!

September 2022

Braver, the University of Sherbrooke and the CISSS de Chaudières-Appalaches: together for seniors

This structuring project was selected within the framework of the FSISSS program for the deployment of a pharmaceutical care trajectory. Collaborators: the hospital pharmacy at Montmagny Hospital and 5 community pharmacies, all of the institution's home support nurses, and the Montmagny family medicine group.

October 2022

A promising partner!

Braver and its first integration partner, Gustav - Clinical coordination software, were selected for use in the « Integrated Clinical System for Seniors' Homes - Alternatives » project of the CIUSS de la Capitale-Nationale, the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS and the CISSS de la Montéregie-Est.

November 2022

Launch of the Braver network in Baie-des-Chaleurs

Braver hosted its first launch party, accompanied by its ambassadors from Physio Amplitude. On the menu: networking, presentation of the tool and a talk on the theme of “Creating more health” with Héléna Bureau, pharmacist!

December 2022

Braver takes its first step in Ontario

Braver was selected to be part of the Early Adopter Health Network powered by the Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization. This provided an invaluable boost to Braver's market entry in Ontario.

Marie-Lou Gagnon

Cofounder and CEO, Physical Therapist, MBA

Marie-Lou Gagnon

Passionate about human beings and a bit idealistic, Marie-Lou is always on the lookout for new projects. Barely 6 months after completing her bachelor's and master's degrees in physical therapy, Marie-Lou began an MBA to take her career farther. Little did she know that 5 years later, her new knowledge would give her the last push she needed to take the big leap into entrepreneurship.

She sustains her motivation with her vision of a more collaborative healthcare system. She also has several plan Bs, including taking a trip around the world, completing a master's degree in psychology, and/or becoming an actress. Stay tuned!

Mathieu D'Amours

Cofounder and CTO

Mathieu D'Amours

Enthusiastic about software development and its social impact, Mathieu has exceptional concentration skills. After his studies in physics and neuroscience, Mathieu returned to his passion since childhood, computer science, in order to apply his talent to improve the world. He strongly believes that technology, when used properly, can make society more just.

In a group, he's always the one who has read the latest scientific article of interest, and who fits right into any conversation. He also tries to play guitar, with less success.

And of course, Braver is a team!

Their expertise, efforts and great passion allow us to make Braver's mission a reality.

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Adam B Bolduc

Senior software developer

Adam B Bolduc

Adam is a social animal with a scientific mind who is always on the lookout for complex problems. He loves team sports like hockey and baseball. But if you are looking for him, you will certainly find him around a table with people and a good beer or... at karaoke!

Philippe Dupuis

Software developer

Philippe Dupuis

Philippe, originally from Trois-Rivières, is a front-end developer who is eager to expand his knowledge! He is a multi-sport athlete ranging from swimming, skiing and cross-fit to a movie-popcorn combo: nothing leaves him out of breath!

Eric Belleville

Medical advisor

Eric Belleville

Eric, a hospitalist and emergency doctor, head of service and medical advisor at Braver, has a special power: transforming 24-hour days into 28-hour days. Brave and ambitious, he can drive for 12 hours without a single taste of caffeine.

Joel Trottier-Hebert

Senior software developer

Joël Trottier-Hebert

Joël is a pragmatic and thoughtful developer with a wonderful, unwavering collaborative team spirit. A Saguenay native with a passion for music and the outdoors, he claims the title of the best poutine in Quebec!

Magalie Caouette

Software developer

Magalie Caouette

Magalie is a front-end developer who aspires to work in a collaborative and empathetic team! In addition to sour beers, what she loves most is Japan, the country where she spent a year and a half of her life!

Marie-Ève Dugas

Project manager

Marie-Ève Dugas

Marie-Eve is a sun in human form, always ready to take care of and entertain the team; not surprising with her 8 years of experience teaching elementary school! She is a real little Swiss Army knife who loves project management and fir trees with colorful lights.

Michel Bernard

Strategic advisor

Michel Bernard

Michel has a remarkable background, as an entrepreneur, coach and economic development advisor. But his greatest strengths? His attentive ear, his devotion and his talent as a blogger. When it comes to making espressos, he is a budding talent.

Vincent Aubé

Software developer

Vincent Aubé

Vincent is an importer and drinker of tea who lives to eat and not the other way around! If you want to make him happy, invite him to eat street food while talking about IT or civil infrastructure (!), preferably in French, because his German is currently at preschool level!

Eric Belleville

Software developer

Guillaume Jean

Guillaume caught the coding bug when he was very young. Thirsty for architectural knowledge and challenges, he is also passionate about Korean culture. But be careful if you cook him a pizza, he only likes normal cheese!

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