Our mission

Break down all barriers, with health professionals, for patients.

Technology allows you to be close to your loved ones, no matter where you are. In the healthcare field, it should similarly make health professionals more accessible and able to collaborate with each other, so that they can more easily help their patients.

An open approach

At the heart of our approach is our dedication to sharing the leadership of the change we're bringing forward. This comes down to involving the healthcare community within our development cycle.

So we organize co-creation events with the very actors in the field. We cooperate with all those who are hands-on improving our system. We have the courage to do things differently.

Our Values


We involve the key stakeholders of the healthcare industry.


We choose the path of innovation, even if it's not the shortest.


We share our insights and approach without any limitations.

Open mindedness

We challenge ourselves in order to progress.


We try to understand others before anything else.

Our founders

Marie-Lou Gagnon

CEO and physical therapist

Barely 6 months after completing her master's degree in physical therapy, Marie-Lou began an MBA in order to progress in her career. Little did she know that 5 years later, her new knowledge would give her the last push to take the big leap in entrepreneurship.

Passionate about human beings and a bit idealistic, she nourishes her motivation thanks to her vision of a more collaborative healthcare system!

Mathieu D'Amours

CTO and software developer

After his studies in physics and neuroscience, Mathieu returned to the passion that had inspired him since he was a child, computer science, in order to use his talent to improve the world. He strongly believes that technology, when used properly, can make society more just.

He also tries to play guitar, with less success.

Our team

Yvon D'Amours

Software developer

Inspired and driven by new projects, Yvon is always up for a chat about topics he is passionate about. As skilled with his mind as he is with his hands, he has been refurbishing his house for the last 20 years.

Yan Bussières

Software developer

Somewhat of a lunatic, Yan is the person who does the most "jumps" in a day. He is extremely committed and open-minded, and can amaze many people by spending over $50 at the Chocolat Favoris in just one week.

Tristan L'Abbé


Positive, creative and a good listener, Tristan is a team-maker you absolutely want to have on your team. His only shortcoming is that he has not yet been able to find the perfect recipe to make coffee in the V60.

Our advisors

Roger Simard

Chief, Digital Officer at the Canadian Red Cross and member of the roster of experts in digital health at the WHO. Roger is a fervent proponent of digital health solutions

Dr. Marie-Ève Langelier

Physician and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Sherbrooke

Rémi Richard

Co-founder of Chronometriq, a successful startup in the healthcare industry

Michael Morin

Medical coordinator for Rouge et Or and teams of the interprofessional PEPS clinic

For healthcare professionals to never work alone again.

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