How to make sense of it all?

Mathieu D'Amours
Jan. 8, 2019

As science, health and technology progress, we live longer and longer. But each year, more and more people live with chronic diseases. Fortunately, those that take sensible decisions on a daily basis can change the odds and substantially prevent these issues. But knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle is not simple. A new approach is needed and health professionals from all disciplines are needed.

Reducing stress and anxiety.

Eating healthy.

Being active without getting injured.

Listed like that, it looks almost too simple. We just need to do these three things and we automatically and significantly reduce our odds to have any one of the top six chronic diseases.

But these three things are much more complex in reality. The right way to achieve them changes are we get older, as our professional and personal life evolves, and as research uncovers new insights. Each individual also has unique preferences, physical capacity and psychology. Worst of all, myths continue to spread and the information that's shared across social media is often superficial, not nuanced enough or plain false. With so many ways to get the wrong information, it's easy for someone to not take the right decisions day after day.

With Braver, we have a solution: a social network where health professionals can share content that's reliable and easy to understand, and where they can finally communicate effectively and securely. On this network, any person can follow professionals that operate close by or that inspire her. She will also be able to ask questions remotely for a smaller cost than if she went for a full-blown consultation.

« But there's Facebook and YouTube! Health professionals can already share content there! And anyone can create their own website or blog and draw public attention with great health-related articles and videos! Why another social network? » you ask.

For one, all content broadcasted on Braver will be created and endorsed by professionals that are themselves verified by peers. Each article, video, exercise, program or recipe will display a list of the professionals that contributed to, endorsed or shared it. We want people to start seeing the value in the credibility of the content they are exposed to online. This credibility is extremely important if they are to take health-related decisions based on them. Braver will make this credibility not only dead simple to see, but also useful and delightful.

Additionally, health professionals will be able to confidently send their patients on Braver for ongoing health-related education or for exercises, since they'll know that all they can find there is safe, clear and credible information.

We can't wait to have you use Braver and we're hard at work building it!